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fun again


Each Ooze deposit is tied to a unique NFT that is transferable and even sellable. Start multiple OOZE deposits from the same wallet. Buy and sell OOZE On PaintSawp.



The Order of SLIME: Manage your own investment, choosing when to compound and when to claim. Start your own monastery, recruiting disciples to join you, who give you benefits through the taxes they pay on depositing and compounding.

The BioPunks: Auto-OOZE manages your wallet for you, autocompounding and claiming at a frequency based on your long-term goals.


Up to 2% a day of ooze earnings

Ooze is a passive income earning stakable asset that will change the way you think about staking crypto. Simply stake your Ooze and a upgradable NFT will be minted for you tied with your deposit. Build a team, re-compound your daily interest, upgrade your NFT with Liquidity and XP, or simply sell your NFT altogether. Growing wealth in Ooze is more than just one path.


Q4: Wallet to wallet chat.

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