Stake, Mint, and Borrow with Ooze

Ooze is a stake-able token that mints a tradable and upgradable NFT tied to your stake. Earn daily interest, boost your NFT, and even take out a loan against it.


Key Features

Ooze offers a unique set of features to help you maximize your returns and manage your assets.


Re-compound Daily

Earn daily interest on your stake and automatically re-compound it to maximize your returns.

Upgrade NFT

Upgrade Your NFT

Boost your stake by earning XP to upgrade your NFT, unlocking new features and benefits.

Borrow against NFT

Borrow Against Your NFT

Use your Ooze NFT as collateral to take out a loan and access additional liquidity.

Withdraw Interest

Withdraw Daily Interest

Claim your daily interest payouts and withdraw them to your wallet at any time.

Sell NFT

Sell Your NFT

When you're ready to cash out, sell your Ooze NFT on the open market and withdraw your funds.

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